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Hozo - Ontology Editor

 Overview (About this site)

  • You can download Hozo - Ontology Editor for Collaborative Knowledge Construction - The Challenge - in the CKC2007 workshop at the WWW2007.


  • Download Hozo - Ontology Editor *This version is a prototype for the CKC-07 workshops .
  • Requirements:
    OS: Windows(2000, XP, Vista), Mac OS X (10.4.x)
    Java Runtime: JRE 1.5.0 or later


 Short Instruction for -the Challenge for the CKC2007 workshop -



  • Hozo supports to construct only ontologies. You can define the concepts which are used to describe the user task.
  • The ontologies are managed on the server and sheared by all users. The system manages ontologies by project as a unit to manage them. In this Challenge, use "CKC" project which is shown when you start the system. At first, 4 ontologies (Events, People, Publications, Topics) have been defined in the "CKC" project. You may add new concepts (classes) in these ontologies. Also you may create a new ontology in the project.


  • The system checks latest information of ontologies in the server when you start Hozo. And the result is displayed on left side of the window. If some ontologies are updated in the server, you should download the ontology form the server before you edit them.
  • Because ontologies are shared by all users, you should lock the ontologies before you edit them to avoid other users upload them.
  • Don't forget to upload and unlock the ontlogies you modified when you exit the system, otherwise other users can't edit them.


  • If you need further information on Hozo - Ontology Editor, please contact developers of Hozo(info@hozo.jp).

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