YAMATO : Yet Another More Advanced Top-level Ontology

Riichiro Mizoguchi, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)


YAMATO is a foundational ontology built and maintained by Dr.Riichiro Mizoguchi (JAIST Profile, Publications (Osaka University Site)). It was first built in 1999. Since then, it has been refined and revised several times. An introduction to YAMATO is found in this article. The underlying philosophy is extensively discussed in the book entitled "Ontological Engineering", published by Ohm-sha in 2005 (in Japanese).
YAMATO's features are in three theories on:
  1. Quality and Quantity
  2. Representations (content-bearing things)
  3. Objects, Processes and Events
Item (1) is discussed in section 3 of this YAMATO article, item (2) in section 4 as well as in [Mizoguchi 2004], and item (3) in [Galton 2009]. Althought they are not reflected in YAMATO, the ontology of function is presented in [Kitamura 2006] and the theory of roles in [Mizoguchi 2007].


The current version of YAMATO has been used in several projects such as the development of medical ontology [Kou 2008]; ontology of learning and instructional theories, the first such ontology in the community [OMNIBUS]; the ontology of genomics (GXO) [Masuya 2009]; modeling of mobile users' behavior [Sasajima 2008]; functional ontology [Kitamura 2006], etc.

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